Top 10 New Accounts That Show How Mother Nature Is Harming Humans

Nature is renowned for her awesomeness. She can be breathtakingly beautiful, incredibly harsh, incredibly impressive, or terrifyingly wicked, depending on who you ask. Our theory is different: she’s a master manipulator.Natural disasters have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons as of late. There is no mystery here, and every report has a reasonable explanation. However, it seems like they’re all trying to achieve the same thing: make the typical person feel as puzzled and perplexed as possible about the world.

10 untamed smalltooth sawfish give birth to healthy, beautiful babies

Sexual function is something that everyone is familiar with. After a few too many beers, two individuals get together, and after nine months and a hasty wedding, a small embarrassing bundle is born. You should try explaining that to smalltooth sawfish in Florida. The first reports of the animals giving birth to virgins came in June 2015, according to scientists.The animal kingdom truly contains several examples of this type of reproduction. Not only do invertebrates do it frequently, but several vertebrates in captivity have also been seen doing it. A number of animals, including sharks, chickens, snakes, and Komodo dragons, are capable of parthenogenesis, the process by which an egg that was not fertilized develops into a fully formed adult. Weird thing about this story is that up until now, we thought these virgin births were so unusual that their progeny wouldn’t have a chance in the wild. We were completely mistaken by Florida’s sawfish.Researchers in the Florida area collected DNA samples from 190 smalltooth sawfish during a nine-year period. Only 3%, or seven individuals, were determined to have only one parent. Even while it’s still unusual, that happens far more often than you would think. Our predictions were completely wrong; the progeny also made it in the wild.

9 An Insect’s Working Gears Have Evolved

The idea of intelligent design might not be foreign to you. In a nutshell, it argues that the complexity of biological life proves the existence of a supernatural creator since it could not have evolved on its own. The question of what is “too complex” has sparked passionate debates around this topic. It seems that Mother Nature has been taking pleasure in these scientific disputes, since in 2013 we found an insect with gears, which seemed to be meant to spark the argument again.Gears, symbols of the mechanical era, are supposed to be human-specific. Then, out of nowhere, they appeared on a small hopping insect, a juvenile Issus coleoptratus, measuring only three millimeters in length. These gears functioned, in contrast to gear shapes seen on other creatures in the past. The gears, which were situated on the insect’s hind legs, allowed the appendages to move in tandem, enabling it to hop forward. The teeth were already strange, but they had rounded corners where they attached to the gear strip—a handmade component that prevents the teeth from shearing off—to make matters worse. We would normally think of gearboxes in cars and bicycles when we hear that, not animals.We are not implying that a creator god is actively involved in this. A pretty thorough explanation of how such a mechanism could have evolved organically is available from the scientists who discovered it. Our theory that nature is deliberately manipulating our thoughts is supported by this, nevertheless.

8 The Timing of Urination Is Consistent Across All Mammals

The kingdom of mammals is very diverse. Envision the cutest little Dachshund dog positioned next the largest, most weathered ancient elephant. Then put that out of your mind and imagine the puppy alongside a blue whale. Bladders in our taxonomic group can range in size from just a few millimeters across to enormous tanks that can carry gallons of fluid—that is how diverse our group is. Still, we share a commonality with almost everyone else: we all take the same length of time to pee.This peculiarity was highlighted in a recent Ig Nobel Prize–winning study out of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Before visiting the Atlanta Zoo to witness the wonder of seeing numerous animals defecate in person, the team watched 28 films of mammals doing it on YouTube. They timed the animals and noted whether they could make streams, jets, or simply droplets of urine. It takes around 21 seconds for mammals bigger than rats to pee, according to their findings.This indicates that the time it takes for an elephant’s bladder to empty and a cat’s bladder to empty are same. This may sound strange, but there’s really some logic behind it: a mammal’s urethra is proportional to its size. In contrast to the steady stream that an elephant produces during the same 21 seconds, a cat may only manage a few drops.

7 Vegetables Do Not Exist

Do you remember how your mom would constantly remind you to eat your veggies when you were a kid? Now you have the ideal excuse to tell your younger self: Your veggies don’t exist, so you can’t eat them.Although experts in the field have known this for a long time, the widespread misconception was only recently brought to light in a BBC Magazine piece. The name “vegetable” isn’t actually used in biology, which is the first issue. The term “vegetables” is rather broad and covers a lot of different things. “Radishes and carrots are roots,” the piece states. The scientific community classifies garlic and onions as bulbs. Two examples of tubers are potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes. Stimp asparagus. As a type of leaf, lettuce is a delicate green vegetable. The inflorescences of broccoli and cauliflower includeThe legal definition of vegetables is also lacking in consensus. The United States Supreme Court classified tomatoes as vegetables in the 1800s, although in other countries they are considered fruits. Tomatoes, rhubarb stalks, sweet potatoes, carrots, and sweet potatoes are all considered fruits according to a 2001 European Union ruling provided they are preserved in any way.Something else that’s wrong is that in the one other place where the word “vegetables” is used, which is in the kitchen, we call things like beans and mushrooms vegetables even though they clearly aren’t. To put it simply, it’s more convenient to claim that vegetables do not exist.

6 You Could Actually Be Two Persons

Beyond the rare philosophical ponderings, the majority of us believe we have a firm grasp on our identity. Everything about us—our appearance, our identity, our genetic makeup, and our mental faculties—contributes to our uniqueness. But what if scientists could definitively verify that you were actually multiple people? How would that make you feel? This really has occurred, believe it or not.Lydia Fairchild had a tough time collecting child support payments in 2014. She proceeded to sue him in court, and in order to establish his paternity, she had him and the mother both tested. Surprisingly, the test results revealed that Lydia could not have been the mother, even though they confirmed that he was the father.This came as no surprise to Lydia. She endured the agony of giving birth to her sons after carrying them for nine months, yet neither of them bore any resemblance to her. The children were formally mothered by Lydia’s unborn sister, which was a lot weirder revelation than the court’s assumption that she was trying to acquire money.In order to shed light on this, we must return to the womb. Sometimes, during the first trimester of pregnancy, two fetuses might fuse into one body, a phenomenon known as a chimera. In certain cases, chimeras might carry a genome that differs from their overall genome since they are a hybrid of two cell lines. The truth is that another person’s body parts are really a part of theirs.Even though chimera cases like this are extremely unusual, it’s possible that many of us carry about pieces of other people. Recent research out of Edmonton, Canada’s University of Alberta indicated that 63% of women had male cells in their brains.

5 How to Train Chickens to Walk Like a Dinosaur

The natural world is quite fond of its Easter eggs. But this one about barnyard fowl is probably the most esoteric and difficult to locate of them all. Early in 2014, researchers from Chile’s University of Chile found that, with the help of a contemporary chicken, they could simulate the gait of prehistoric dinosaurs. Poking its butt with a plunger was all that was required.We are not exaggerating. Scientists from a real university were interested in studying the gait of extinct Tyrannosaurus rex. Since every chicken is a direct descendant of the most famous inmate of Jurassic Park, they reasoned that affixing a prosthetic tail to a chicken’s rear end would be the most practical method to study it in the present day.We were successful in our experiment. They managed to get the chicken to walk more like a dinosaur, according to their article and video. They were bestowed the Ig Nobel Prize for discovering this peculiar little secret that Mother Nature had concealed.

4 Unruly Black Holes

A press release regarding a supermassive black hole that the Royal Astronomical Society had been examining at the center of a newly discovered galaxy was issued on September 24, 2015. Surprisingly, the researchers discovered that it was excessively large. According to the accepted ideas, the size of this enormous black hole was 30 times greater than what was physically feasible.The concept of a galactic core containing a black hole is not novel. We’ve known for a long time that they like to hide out there, maybe to show the universe how temporary and pointless life is. The black hole at the heart of SAGE0536AGN, a galaxy nine billion years old, is currently disobeying the rules that they have always followed. Its parent galaxy shouldn’t be able to contain it because its mass is 350 million times that of the Sun. An astrophysicist from Keele University named Jacco van Loon stated, “This one though is really too big for its boots—it simply shouldn’t be possible for it to be so large.”An intriguing hypothesis that was brought up in Van Loon’s research is that SAGE0536AGN might not be the only one. Perhaps it belongs to a whole new category of galaxies. Our current theory of galaxy formation may need to be revised.

3 Chimpanzees Have Started a Revolution Already

There were a few reasons why the 2011 picture Rise of the Apes was a decent one. One is that it accomplished the seemingly impossible feat of making an uninteresting story interesting. The second is that it seemed to have accurate future predictions. The initial indications that our ape relatives in captivity are prepared to launch a revolution were revealed to us in April 2015.In the Netherlands, at Burgers’ Zoo, a crew of filmmakers were filming the chimpanzee enclosure from above. At the very top of the enclosure, an unexpected event transpired. A chimpanzee female attacked the drone with a stick, causing it to fall from the sky. They continued by destroying the drone.While uninteresting on its own, what followed was fascinating. Scientists published a disturbing report after reviewing the footage, claiming that the monkey who attacked the drone had premeditated the action.Chimpanzees were seen preparing sticks to attack the drone after it had already completed a practice run over the compound. They patiently awaited its return, letting it approach before making their attack. They were unfazed in the footage of their faces. In essence, the animal’s frantic flailing wasn’t a lucky break; rather, it was a calculated strike.Apes have never before been observed engaging in such coordinated planning and organization. Along with recent findings with chimpanzees creating alcohol-consuming implements, we would like to extend a warm welcome to our new primate masters.

2 Achieving a “Skin Orgasm” Is Within Your Reach

This has happened to all of us previously. The shivers and tingling that come on when you reach the crescendo of a thrilling film or listen to a really magnificent piece of music. It’s definitely pleasurable, but I doubt many would describe it as actively orgasmic. The fact is that we’re the unlucky ones, that’s all. Some people feel this kind of pleasure so strongly that it’s like having sex, according to the BBC.Mother Nature appears to have left yet another Easter egg for us to discover, even though the premise is absurd. What we call a “skin orgasm” can happen for many different reasons. To some, it sounds like music. For some, it might be anything from a delicious meal to a shocking movie conclusion or even just the sound of nature, like rustling leaves.For some, the sensation was physiologically identical to what one would anticipate during climax. Anxiety levels rose, flushed cheeks, goosebumps spread across the body, and shaky legs were symptoms. Some even go as far as to say that these emotions can become addictive; this explains why you’ll come across individuals every now and then who see no problem with repeating “Gangnam Style” five times.Taste, touch, noise, film, and music are common triggers, however they vary from person to person. Who can say for sure? Perhaps there is a trigger in your possession that is patiently waiting to be found.

1 There’s a town where males may magically transform into females.

As far as anyone can tell, physiological sex is a hard and fast rule of biology. Getting medical treatment is necessary even if you are born knowing your gender at birth. Science fiction and cheap erotica are the only places you’d find the concept that a girl could magically transform into a boy. But don’t tell that to the Dominican people of Salinas. Apparently, their offspring have been experiencing gender transitions for as long as anybody can recall.When guevedoces reach puberty, their bodies change physiologically, unlike in certain cultures where girls can opt to live as boys while still retaining their female bodies. Actually, “guevedoce” means “penis at 12” in English. This is due to a very unusual genetic abnormality that impacts one out of every ninety children in the town. The enzyme 5-alpha-reductase is essential for a male baby’s penis development during gestation, but it becomes unusually low in this condition. It doesn’t start working for guevedoces until they reach adolescence.That implies they take on the appearance of females at birth. The abrupt development of a penis, testicles, and muscles does not occur until puberty. Some parents are caught completely off guard by it.Even though the guevedoces have been around since the 1970s, it was only until pharmaceutical companies discovered that they all had diminutive prostates that they were well publicized. A medication that can treat prostate issues and male-pattern baldness has been developed thanks to this observation. To sum up, this particular hamlet is teeming with individuals who have saved lives by simply being themselves. It would appear that Mother Nature enjoys nothing more than causing a little chaos



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