Top 10 Ranking Of The Best Negative Dating Events

Enjoyable dates are possible. However, meeting new people is usually the most uncomfortable element of attempting to find a romantic partner. Dates can still go horribly wrong, even when you’re confident in your knowledge of the person.Nearly every person can relate to a terrible dating experience. However, these ten experiences are likely to be unmatched.

10 Pick Up a Plunger the Next Time

In Bristol, Liam Smith was enjoying himself immensely that night. They went out to a beautiful restaurant after he met a girl on Tinder. They went back to his apartment to finish the date, where they drank wine and watched Netflix. The woman excused herself, told Smith she needed a minute to pee, and then went ahead and did it.Once she finished, she attempted to flush, but it remained stuck. Her horror was palpable. She didn’t want her floaters to derail her relationship with this guy, which was going swimmingly. She was so freaked out that she attempted to toss her waste out the window.The window didn’t open to the street, unfortunately. It had two panes of glass with a space between them. The pee simply rolled down the window and landed inside, creating a picturesque image of her transgression.She reached out the window to retrieve her excrement in an effort to rectify the issue. She managed to get herself wedged between the window glass once she was inside. Smith needed to contact the fire department in order to remove the window and free her.
An optimistic “We’ve already got the most difficult stuff out of the way first.” was his response to her question about if he intended to take her on another date.[1]

9 Dying’s Kiss

Having a passionate date in the guest area while surrounded by guards isn’t easy for a man in prison. Anthony Powell, who murdered his mother-in-law, was serving a life sentence in prison. Brandy Pokovich introduced him to Melissa Ann Blair, who would later become his girlfriend.Pokovich had connected him with ladies who like dating incarcerated people through social media. The Oregon State Penitentiary was the location of Melissa’s visit to him. Melissa and Anthony had an intense kiss as their conversation came to a close.Melissa was sneaking seven little amphetamine balloons into Anthony’s mouth, and the guards had no idea. He ingested them with the intention of passing them in the restroom and then retrieving them.It was a complete failure. Powell overdosed and died after the balloons burst in his stomach. Melissa received a two-year prison term and was ordered to undergo therapy for her substance abuse and mental health issues after the judge determined that they were both responsible for Powell’s death.[2]

8 Unrelated

As an executive with the home shopping network QVC in Pennsylvania, Darlene Daggett has achieved phenomenal success in business. After having four children and going through a divorce, she struggled to make time to meet new people.As a result, she enlisted the help of Amber Kelleher-Andrews, a licensed matchmaker headquartered in Los Angeles. Andrews claims to have a database of men and women who reportedly pass rigorous examinations, and she charges rich clients $150,000 for her services.The service was paid for by Daggett, who then proceeded on a string of disastrous dates. She was informed by one man that he was still married. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to wait for his wife’s death because she was critically sick.Another was a judge from New York who was in the headlines not long ago due to a scandal involving an affair with an attorney. On his first date, he fainted from cardiac difficulties.It was only the next married man to go out with Daggett. He started stalking her after she rejected him due to his marital status. A subsequent victim had $10 million stolen from them.Lastly, Daggett felt like she had found a wonderful man. She traveled all the way to California just to see this businessman from Australia. He escorted her on a Panama and Costa Rican trip. Prior to his disappearance, everything was going swimmingly.the thirdHe claimed to be an Interpol agent and told her, “I need to go dark” when she phoned him. A day later, she found out that he had truly reconnected with his true girlfriend. To recoup her $150,000, Daggett sued Andrews following a string of disastrous dates.

7 What I Am Groot?

The first date for Brandon Vezmar took place on the dating app Bumble. They went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in 3D. Vezmar claims that the lady was “nonstop” texting during the film.She ignored his repeated requests that she end her messaging. He warned her that they would expel her if she used her phone in the restroom, so she should use the lobby instead. As a result, she departed, leaving him in the theater all by himself.He acted like any reasonable 37-year-old man would. He took her to small claims court, suing her for $17.31, the price of the ticket to the movie. One of Vezmar’s major complaints is when people text while watching a movie. To quote him, “It was like the date from hell” after speaking with the media.[4]His date would later explain her side of the tale to the media. Upon first meeting, she felt uneasy since Vezmar was acting strangely, according to her. Because her friend was in the midst of a crisis, she had to respond quickly to the texts. So as not to draw attention to herself, she also kept her phone on a low setting. She was done in just a few minutes after responding.His outburst about the texting made her fear for her safety, adding to the terrible vibes she already had about him. She decided to leave. She considers this legal action as evidence of his mental illness. His attempts to collect the $17.31 from her family members prompted her to take legal action in the form of a restraining order.

6 Completely Uninterrupted

Dear Lindy, Lou Layman embodies the archetypal image of a stunning Texan. This stunning blonde beauty is 29 years old and works as a court reporter. She went on a date with Anthony Buzbee, a wealthy attorney. It seems her attractiveness was superficial, though.Layman was taken back to Buzbee’s house while they were out on their first date. She became irate at Layman for an undisclosed cause after he drank too much. His original Andy Warhol, which had cost him half a million dollars, was ruined when she poured red wine all over it. She tore down his paintings by Monet and Renoir and hurled two sculptures across the room.[5]He then summoned an Uber and ordered her to exit. Layman, instead of staying still, bolted for cover in a room of his mansion. The cops had to be contacted. According to his estimation, she damaged his artwork to the tune of $300,000.Although the reason behind her initial anger at him remains a mystery, it is widely known that Buzbee is friendly with Donald Trump. The president’s 2016 fundraiser was held at Buzbee’s $14 million mansion on a golf club.

The 5 Material Girl

Los Angeles-based YouTuber Chris Thompson is well-known in the industry. In Tinder Terrors, a web series he created, he details his disastrous encounters with the dating app.A woman in her forties was his companion in 2015. They had agreed that their meeting would be informal, and Thompson, who was in his mid-to-late twenties, was the perfect candidate. They had supper together, then the woman drove up in a flashy car. They returned to her mansion in the car after their supper, and a maid was waiting for them when they arrived.He was unable to safely drive home when they began to drink. Upstairs they led the revelers. It was all going swimmingly. However, just as they were ready to engage in sexual activity, the woman signaled for the maid to bring in a condom by pressing a button near the bed.After that, his date took Ecstasy and hid in her bedroom. As she came out, her long ponytail whipped his nude body in a fashion reminiscent of Madonna. He become really frightened and decided to cancel the intimate session. Afterwards, he requested a Lyft ride home.He needed a different ride back to her place the following day so he could retrieve his automobile. There was a first-class aircraft ticket to New York City on his windshield, along with a letter that read, “See you soon.” Took no action.[6]

4 Be Patient

Originally from Odessa, Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar is a Ukrainian national. His mother had an internet encounter with a considerably older man from Texas when he was nine years old. After that, they followed him to the US and were married off as adults.To help defray the costs of nursing school, she begged her new husband to foot the bill. She went missing and then contacted to request a divorce shortly after graduating. She took a car to the Hamptons, a haven for the nation’s wealthiest, and found work as a nurse there.She was able to carry out her scheme because she wed two more affluent, elderly men from New York. Watching his mother take advantage of guys as they moved around as children was a common experience for Yevgeniy Bayraktar. He was discharged from the air force after serving for less than a year as an adult.Bayraktar rented an apartment in Osaka, Japan, when he was 26 years old. He first crossed paths with Saki Kondo on the popular dating app Tinder. Her whereabouts were thereafter unknown.[7]A month later, while Bayraktar was about to leave his Osaka rental with his belongings, he was apprehended by the authorities. As soon as he opened the bag, the decapitated head of Kondo fell out.

3 Promptly Too Much

Everyone thinks the contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are gorgeous, so it’s puzzling that some of them feel the need to participate in the show in the first place. In 2018, one competitor—Peter Kraus—finished in second place. Someone questioned him about his worst dating experience while he was interviewing. A first date he had in Chicago was the subject of his tale.The woman was visibly inebriated when she arrived at the dinner party. Kraus initiated conversation in an effort to alleviate the uncomfortable situation. He found out that they were both football fans. The woman skipped over the joy of sharing a commonality and went right to a horrific revelation.She boastfully said that she hated waiting in line for the college football stadium’s portable restrooms. This led her to consistently defecate in her pants and let the urine to flow down her legs. A second date was obviously not in the cards for them.[8]

2 A Mysterious Tinder Maze

Mikayla Norris turned 18 in December 2017. Because she did not attend university, she struggled to meet new people and find romantic partners. She met a young man called Kareem McCoy Lee through the dating app Tinder and asked him out on a date.Someone was amiss when Norris failed to return home, as her loved ones noticed. Her corpse was discovered on the floor the following day. Lee returned to her car after murdering her and then shot himself.Lee was found to have threatened his ex-girlfriend in Facebook remarks when the authorities investigated his social media accounts. Their best guess is that he planned to utilize Tinder to locate a sucker to carjack so he could get himself to his ex’s residence.It was likely an accident, but he killed Norris when they were fighting. He apparently decided to end his own life because he felt immense guilt over what he had done.[9]

1 Your Mail Is Here!

Many people still considered email to be a relatively new phenomenon in 2002, and many would-be authors wanted to share their life stories with the world. The woman who went on a date with Casey O’Brien over the weekend, Jacqueline Kim, analyzed him in a lengthy letter she sent via her work email.Dress, vehicle, hairstyle, and etiquette were all evaluated by her. Also, she admitted her real shallowness by claiming that he got a “A” instead of a “B” based on his BMW, boat, and wine-tasting date choice. She graded herself a “A+” while admitting she was rather inebriated on the occasion. “I was a BABE,” she wrote. There was no way he could win.Because she thought their first date was great, she threatened to write that she wouldn’t go on a second date with him unless he got a haircut and gave her gifts. She volunteered to introduce her acquaintances to Casey’s single day traders.It appears that Jacqueline ought to have given it some more thinking before pressing “send” because the message ended up reaching more than just her friends. It went around the whole office, then onto the web, and finally back to Casey O’Brien.[10]Their second date had already taken place by that time. It was for the best that he never called her again after reading the email



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