Top 10 The Most Important Reasons Why Boys Should Feel Comfortable

1 Men make a lot of progress when they wear makeup.

Being a girl, I think men look amazing when they put on makeup. However, I like it when they use smaller pieces of cosmetics, like eye liner, rather than a heavy coat of eye shadow.

Some people, like Gerard Way or Billie Joe Armstrong, seem more attractive when they wear cosmetics. I don’t pay attention to how artists appear; after all, they are musicians, not fashionistas.

Due to an addiction that developed among my group of friends when we attempted to dress as girls, I’ve noticed that many lads at my school wear eyeliner.

2 It’s a way to better oneself

I suppose I might agree with this list to a certain extent, but I’d rather claim that I’m not very interested in wearing it than that I’m terrified to do so.

Even though I identify as a straight boy, I use eyeliner whenever I feel the need.

3 boys aren’t attempting to pass as girls by using cosmetics.

Also, short-haired girls aren’t attempting to pass themselves off as boys. There is a line of cosmetics made with guys like us in mind.

Putting on eyeliner isn’t my way of attempting to pass as a girl.

Cosmetics aren’t just for women.

That is correct; I had never considered it before. Nothing has ever said “for women only” or anything similar that I’m aware of.It was just always thought to be for girls, for some reason. But, isn’t Jeffree Star stunning when he wears makeup?

I’m going to argue that this one is just partially correct. Although I believe that makeup was initially intended for females, men can certainly pull it off with style.

Claiming that ladies should not wear makeup is like claiming that boys should not wear baggy jeans—either way, it’s not accurate. Everybody needs personal care products.

5 Men who wear cosmetics don’t appear too out of place.

Depending on the kind of makeup they apply, you won’t necessarily wind up looking terrible the moment it lands on your face.

6 Ultimately, it’s up to us.

Not only do other boys wear eyeliner, but I do it because I want to. As a result, no one can control me.

7 The topic is “personal care.”

Put some makeup on your pimples if you don’t want people to notice them.

8 No rule states that boys are not allowed to wear makeup.

You are free to wear it as you like; no one is dictating otherwise.

9 Boys wearing cosmetics is totally acceptable.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no problem with guys wearing cosmetics. His adorable self wears it, and I can’t get enough of it. Gender bias must be eradicated immediately. Sure, ladies can be housewives and boys can rock skirts!

How do females perceive this? In your opinion, is it inappropriate for boys to apply makeup?

10 It’s possible that some lads find joy in donning cosmetics.

No one minds if guys like myself choose to use eyeliner; it’s just our personal preference.

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