Beauty trend with Cushion foundation

Beauty trend with Cushion foundation 1
Beauty trend with Cushion foundation 1

The pioneer in this technology is Amore Pacific – the `giant` of the Korean cosmetics industry – in which the LANEIGE brand for young girls has captured the hearts of thousands of Vietnamese women who love

Why is cushion foundation causing a fever?

Cushion foundation is foundation contained in a specially textured foam mattress.

LANEIGE BB Cushion and 6 outstanding points

LANEIGE BB Cushion contains MelacrusherTM – the core technology of the White Plus Renew whitening line – which helps activate the natural biological process that causes excess melanin (the cause of skin darkening) to be decomposed and destroyed.

In addition, extracts from the neem tree contain ingredients that can prevent the penetration of air pollution into the skin, inhibit the synthesis of melanin, Laneige BB Cushion helps brighten dull and dull skin.

Beauty trend with Cushion foundation

The special feature of the improved Laneige BB Cushion is its outstanding moisturizing effect thanks to the optimal mineral water ingredient, becoming a foundation with a unique 6-in-1 formula:

– Brightens skin;

– Protects skin against harmful UV rays and sun damage;

– Optimal moisturizing;

– Effectively “dye” skin color and correct skin tone with ideal coverage, giving the skin a clean, natural-looking glow;

Cools and soothes the skin, adds vitality, helps relax dull, stuffy skin under the heat of the surrounding environment;

– Prevents water absorption, prevents sweating, maintains a smooth, long-lasting foundation;

It is the cooling, sun protection, makeup and long-lasting functions that make Laneige BB Cushion an extremely useful makeup product for Asian women whose skin is easily damaged by heat, high humidity and

In addition, with the ability to reduce foundation makeup steps into one step – simply and comfortably, anytime, anywhere – Laneige BB Cushion has become a favorite makeup foundation for busy office women.

Why did ELLE choose?

In addition to the smaller and lighter design than other BB products on the market, making it easy to carry anywhere, anytime, the new more luxurious design is also a plus point of the 2014 BB Cushion version.

Exclusively developing the technique of placing an ideal amount of liquid cream in a special foam mattress with 800,000 tiny air holes, Amore Pacific won the `Korea Technology Award` for its `Cell-Cell` technology.

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Participate in answering questions to become 2 lucky people to own the LANEIGE BB Cushion set!

Beauty trend with Cushion foundation

LANEIGE BB Cushion – Reference price: 930,000 VND

How to attend:

– Step 1: Like LANEIGE Facebook

– Step 2: Answer 2 questions in the comment section below (note that set to Public mode)

Question 1. List 6 advantages of LANEIGE BB Cushion

Question 2. What is LANEIGE’s message this week?

Contest rules:

– Scope: Females from 22-45 years old living in Vietnam

– Time: May 22, 2014 to May 27, 2014

Results will be announced at 3:00 PM on May 28, 2014

– The decision of the Organizing Committee is final.

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