Businesswoman Le Hai Yen: “The show must go on”

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Businesswoman Le Hai Yen: “The show must go on” 1
Businesswoman Le Hai Yen: “The show must go on” 1

Through a conversation with businesswoman Le Hai Yen on the topic `Professional event organizer` – a trendy job, you will understand the hardships of the profession and the need for a lot of passion and creativity to bring success.

Businesswoman Le Hai Yen

Studying art, but what path brought you to communications and event organizing?

My path to becoming a businesswoman is like destiny.

But during the process of studying and performing, I began to realize that `a small swallow does not make Spring`.

Therefore, I try to accumulate as much knowledge as possible from many art subjects to become an excellent event organizer.

I often joke that I have both bloodlines: business blood and art blood.

You have 5 years of experience in the profession, not too long but not a newbie either, so what do you think about the market?

Newday Media was founded in 2010, but 10 years before that, I participated in event organization as a student at art school.

Businesswoman Le Hai Yen: “The show must go on”

Newday Media is proud to be the organizer of the BNI Summit 2015 event to celebrate the organization’s 5th anniversary in Vietnam.

What I’m always concerned about is that it seems that `imported` products are always more accepted and more attractive;

For example, the traditional performance `Swan Lake` was applied with an LED screen and brought to Vietnam to perform, filling the entire space of the National Convention Center.

Are our artists or creative products not of good quality or good enough?

I wish to create `formats`, shows, and events that exploit the products, artists, and art scene of the country that are renewed and attract domestic audiences, at least as much as possible.

Looking back at the past year, what has Newday Media done?

Newday Media has been moving at a very fast pace with the volume and scale of events growing larger and larger.

In the near future, we plan to open training classes on `Special Event Organizer – Bespoke Event Planner` for young people to provide the market with high-quality and dedicated human resources.

The Business Club program has left very good impressions in the hearts of the public.

Each project has a certain lifespan.

I am proud that HQDN has left many marks and emotions in the hearts of audiences, artists and the media.

Businesswoman Le Hai Yen: “The show must go on”

Hai Yen and musician Duc Huy chatted with the audience during the show `Businessmen’s Club`, a program that is expected to return.

HQDN certainly won’t stop, but there will need to be advances and new, more impressive versions to suit current tastes and trends.

Important qualities of a professional event organizer;

Passion to be brave enough to cope with difficulties and challenges with high work intensity and fast speed.

– Never give up no matter what happens behind, `The show must go on`.

– High ability in thinking, work management, and time management

Passionate about learning, constantly updating new entertainment and media technologies and all non-stereotypical products

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