Beautiful sayings of Queen Elizabeth II

Beautiful sayings of Queen Elizabeth II 3
Beautiful sayings of Queen Elizabeth II 3

Princess Elizabeth was the first child of Prince Albert, Duke of York (who later became King George VI) and his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Elizabeth married Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in 1947. The couple’s marriage did not go well: Philip was Greek Orthodox, had no financial status, and had married sisters

ELLE invites you to contemplate the beautiful quotes of Queen Elizabeth II


1.  “I know there is no single formula for success.

2. “Only women can bring gentle and caring breaths to the dry parts of humanity.”

3. “Let’s not be too strict with ourselves.

4. `True love for country is inseparable from understanding the patriotism of others.`

Beautiful sayings of Queen Elizabeth II

5. “My husband is simply my source of strength and has stood by my side over the years.

6. “Good memories are our chance to be happy again.”

7. “Like other families, royal family members often share eccentricities, impulsivity, stubbornness, and disagreements.”

8. “The most accurate measure of our actions is the duration of the good things we have.”

Beautiful sayings of Queen Elizabeth II

9. `We have to see it to believe it.`

10. “It’s easy to hate or destroy someone.

11. “Discrimination is a problem that still exists.

12. “When life gets difficult, never give up and accept defeat.

Beautiful sayings of Queen Elizabeth II

13. “The world is not the most pleasant place.

14. “Family, friends and community are often the source of encouragement for each of us.”

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