Experience health & beauty care from Korea

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Experience health & beauty care from Korea 2
Experience health & beauty care from Korea 2

Understanding that urgent need and also following the `Beauty of Korea` event that was held very successfully in November 2014, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) coordinated with the Korea Tourism and Consulting Co., Ltd.


Experience health and beauty care services from Korea 2015 held at Grand Plaza Hanoi Hotel on December 12, 2015.

Participating in this Beauty of Korea event, women will experience natural beauty services from leading hospitals in Korea – the country at the forefront of beauty technology in Asia today.

Not only do they have the opportunity to learn health care secrets, guests can also attend an evening exchange party with doctors and representatives of Jahon International to learn more about the field of medical tourism in Vietnam.

In addition, during this event, KTO and Jahon International will hold a lucky draw at the end of the program to find lucky customers who will have the opportunity to use conference-related services for free.

With useful information and attractive gifts, the second Korean Health and Beauty Experience Experience 2015 event organized by KTO and Jahon International will certainly be an opportunity not to be missed.

Interested visitors can visit our website http://beautyofkorea.org/ to register and receive invitations to participate in this exciting event!

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