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Dream feet 0

1. Gently remove hair

Don’t make your legs difficult with hair removal methods that are too `violent`.

2. Safe leather dyeing

Legs will look slimmer when the skin is dark.

3. Exercise underwater

One effect of water that not everyone knows is the massage effect to protect joint areas.

4. Massage the abdomen

Many women have swollen feet, especially in the afternoon, after a long period of sitting at the office.

At night, lie in bed and breathe deeply through your belly 10 to 12 times per minute for 5 minutes.

5. Cycling

At gyms, before practicing any exercise, experts will ask you to cycle to warm up your muscles and heart rate.

6. Eliminates water retention

Nutritionist Laurence Benedetti recommends taking action against water retention in the body, enhancing skin elasticity and removing excess water with some suitable plants (red wine, artichoke, etc.).

7. Drink decoction

Decoctions from natural plants are very good for the skin, mainly having natural detoxifying effects, preventing water retention and firming the skin.

8. Apply lotion

Exercise regularly, eat well and drink enough water, that’s good.

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