Kang Dong Won – Man on the track

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Kang Dong Won – Man on the track 4
Kang Dong Won – Man on the track 4

He was born into a wealthy family with a father who currently holds the position of deputy director of a leading marine transportation equipment supplier in the world.

However, all available conditions will be meaningless if this guy with deep sad eyes does not put in his efforts.

For a while, he was only invited to act in romantic films for teenagers, which brought him fame, but did not help him prove anything other than his attractive face.

In a later interview, he admitted that he became addicted to smoking because the pressure of acting was extremely great.

The young man set himself the goal of becoming an expensive star.

And that’s when he realized it was time to fully express his talent through works that may not be blockbusters, but are of high artistic quality.

The first is the role of a death row prisoner in Maundy Thursday, the villain in Voice of a Murderer and the role of a tragic knight in Duelist.

Once her talent was confirmed, the star who was once only famous for her appearance shared with her young colleagues that it is important to always look forward.

“I never look back at a film after I’m done with it because I consider it done.

However, perhaps even so, it still wasn’t enough for Kang Dong Won.

Why can you do everything so well at the same time?

This may not seem like a positive attitude at first, but it clearly helped his career, because his dream finally came true when the movie Jeon Woo Chi starred him.

Kang Dong Won – Man on the track

Then, at the peak of his career, the outstanding actor had to put everything aside to join the army.

The childish lines on his face have disappeared after two years of hard training, but perhaps that is exactly what Kang Dong Won needs, he has the truly strong appearance of someone who is always on the track.

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