Marriage vs Facebook

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Marriage vs Facebook 0
Marriage vs Facebook 0

We spend a lot of time reading newsfeeds on Facebook.

Real dangers from virtual life

Divorce Online, a law firm in the UK, conducted a survey and found that more than 1/3 of divorce petitions filed in the country last year mentioned the word Facebook.

“Infidelity happens at the speed of light on Facebook,” says author of Facebook and Your Marriage, K. Jason Krafsky.

However, that is not the case.

And even if you hide all your activities, your friends will do the `revealing` for you.

It’s unclear in the house, Facebook has already reported it

Social networks give people more freedom to express themselves than before, which is a good thing in a society with more and more pressure and constraints.

You don’t have to be a music star or movie star, as long as you are having trouble in your marriage and you announce it on Facebook, then you will be the center of attention.

There are many women and men who go on Facebook (or previously, blogs) to talk about marital problems and bad-mouth their ex-husband/wife/lover.

That’s because what you say when you’re hurt and angry, instead of helping people love you more, ruins your image in the eyes of those around you.

When making any criticisms on Facebook, you should remember that they will not be easily deleted with a single click.

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