Natural skin care and makeup tips

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Natural skin care and makeup tips 0
Natural skin care and makeup tips 0

Master Cutie

After 5 years of holding a makeup brush, Cutie is a name associated with natural and minimalist makeup style.

`For me, there is no concept of whether a woman has features or not, `takes` makeup or not, natural beauty is the most important.`

1. Pay attention to your diet and exercise to have naturally rosy, radiant skin.

2. Keeping your skin clean is paramount.

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3. I believe that the skin also needs to breathe and rest like humans.

4. Foundation and concealer must be “authentic” and minimalistic.

Natural skin care and makeup tips

Natural beauty

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5. I am often asked, “How can I make my pores look smaller?”

6. Makeup trend never goes out of style: “less is more”.

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7. Many people are born with thick, dense facial hair.

8. Lipstick is the fastest way to change your look.

Natural skin care and makeup tips

Lipstick is the highlight of beautiful lips

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9. I curl my own eyelashes every day and have discovered countless ways to make them look their best.

10. I don’t like the concept of a girl becoming `too beautiful to recognize` after applying makeup.

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