Audio tapes reveal Princess Diana’s tearful marriage

Audio tapes reveal Princess Diana's tearful marriage 0
Audio tapes reveal Princess Diana's tearful marriage 0

(Dan Tri) – The audio tape recorded by Princess Diana herself revealed many sad details and despair in Diana’s marriage and life within the British royal family.

Princess Diana and her husband, Prince Charles, beamed on their wedding day in 1981 (Photo: Getty)

“When I was 4 months pregnant with William, I threw myself down the stairs to make my husband listen to what I had to say.

Diana herself recorded the secret tape so that writer – author Andrew Morton wrote the self-titled book `Diana – Her true Story` published in 1992.

In 1991, when Diana felt hopeless about her husband’s extramarital affair with his ex-lover Camilla Parker Bowles, the Princess came up with the idea of using audio tapes to record her thoughts for the book.

Loneliness and sadness in the royal palace

Audio tapes reveal Princess Diana's tearful marriage

Diana’s married life was filled with tears (Photo: Getty)

“I knew something was wrong, but no one understood me.

“I don’t understand what my husband said to the Queen, but people started whispering that I had an eating disorder and that was the reason my marriage fell apart.”

“That was when a doctor came to examine me, but he didn’t understand anything about me or what I was saying.

Diana finally chose to go to therapy, but none of the therapists were able to help her.

“I tried cutting my wrists a few times, throwing things at the window, breaking the glass.

The pain contained

Audio tapes reveal Princess Diana's tearful marriage

Diana tried to appear cheerful and happy with the image of a princess, but the public did not know the sadness she went through.

Diana said she could cry every time she had the chance to cry, making others think she was always weak.

Diana said that the public always looks forward to seeing a beautiful, carefree princess who can bring happiness to everyone.

“I had many dreams when I was young, and I also dreamed of a husband who would always watch over me.

However, her husband is described as being quite indifferent towards his wife.

“One evening, I wanted to tell Charles something, but he didn’t listen to me.

The princess believes that the reaction from her family is also the reason why she becomes more sad.

After 15 years of marriage, Princess Diana and Prince Charles broke up in 1996, ending their unhappy and turbulent marriage.

Not only beautiful, Diana is also known as a woman with a kind heart and actively participates in charity activities.

Lord Emperor

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