Dinh Cong Dat – The art of not hiding

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Dinh Cong Dat – The art of not hiding 0
Dinh Cong Dat – The art of not hiding 0

Sculptor Dinh Cong Dat is a talkative person, even those who meet him for the first time will be a bit `annoying` because he talks a lot but his speaking speed is not slow at all.

Dinh Cong Dat is famous for his sculptures associated with animals.

Dinh Cong Dat – The art of not hiding

Ant (1999)

And the artist began to feel disheartened?

Are not.

From a worker to a soldier, then to a sculptor.

No one likes poverty, I can confirm, from Mr. Picasso to Mr. Dinh Cong


Around 2004, Dinh Cong Dat launched a series of yin and yang Buddha statues that resonated at home and abroad.

Dinh Cong Dat – The art of not hiding

Mask (2002) – Buddha’s faces, sometimes positive (convex) and sometimes negative (concave).

`A lot of people curse at me, saying Dat is `crazy` and Dat is `crazy`.

Critics classify Dinh Cong Dat as a Pop-Art style.

Dinh Cong Dat – The art of not hiding
Dinh Cong Dat – The art of not hiding
Dinh Cong Dat – The art of not hiding

Contemporary sculptures by Dinh Cong Dat: Installation Meaningless Newspapers (2004), Cheap & Chic (2011), Motion (1998), Children’s Toys Art Project (2010)

Recently, Dinh Cong Dat also made his mark with his work as a stage designer in many art programs.

Another photo shoot we did with Dinh Cong Dat when he sat on a car made from bamboo and covered with leather for children.


How do you describe yourself?

Well, people have described it for me: Dat is `crazy`.

Creating work subjectively or creating work for a commissioned project, which is more difficult?

No one is more difficult than the other, each is both difficult and easy because the core question is that before doing the work, have you finished the theory part?

What is your greatest pleasure?


Does music, cinema… have an impact on your creative work?


Have you ever sat in the audience to watch a program that you `had a hand in`?

Are not.

People say your art is Pop-Art, what do you think?

So that’s probably it (laughs).

How long was your longest period of being stuck and unable to compose?

Very good 1 month.

Do you have an artistic statement?

I just think that art should be made in a way that everyone can understand and like.

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