How to spray perfume to last 24 hours

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How to spray perfume to last 24 hours 1
How to spray perfume to last 24 hours 1

It can be said without exaggeration that the way to spray perfume to keep its fragrance long-lasting is the secret weapon of every woman, with a special alluring power that makes people around (especially men) want to come closer and get to know each other.

Because no matter how sweet the scent you choose is, if it quickly fades away within a few hours, it won’t appeal to anyone.

How to spray perfume to last 24 hours

Time to spray perfume

According to scent experts, the best way to spray perfume is right after you shower.

Moisturize before spraying

You need to create an ideal environment for the perfume to have a place to stick and last for a long time.

Vaseline base layer

In case the hot weather makes you not want to apply moisturizer all over your body, you can just apply Vaseline to the areas where you will spray perfume.

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Scent Synchronization

If you want your favorite scent to maximize its attractiveness, you should use the whole set of products: scrub, shower gel, body lotion, perfume, conditioner, even hair care products.

Perfume spray location

How to spray perfume to last 24 hours

The ideal places to spray perfume according to experts are: inside the elbow, nape, behind the ears, wrists, behind the knees.

Use a variety of perfume textures

Perfume comes in many forms: wax form, stick form, essential oil form, liquid form, powder form, etc. You can try spraying perfume by combining many textures of the same scent on different areas of the skin to create the effect.

Gently pat the perfume

The correct way to spray perfume is to never use your hands to rub the perfume hard on your skin, or spray perfume on your wrist and then rub your wrists together vigorously, doing so will cause the scent molecules to be disturbed, causing the smell to change.

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