Do Nguyen Hai Yen & Hanh Thuy – Falling a bit…

Do Nguyen Hai Yen & Hanh Thuy – Falling a bit… 0
Do Nguyen Hai Yen & Hanh Thuy – Falling a bit… 0

For actress Hanh Thuy, a married woman with children, the view of a woman’s patience and sacrifice when in love is completely different from Do Nguyen Hai Yen, a single woman, currently a

Family is not a test

Hanh Thuy:  Personally, I’ve noticed that women of all times are the same, when they fall in love, they often sacrifice unconditionally, they are always on the giving side more.

However, most women often `complain` to each other that it seems that their men are not sensitive enough to recognize and appreciate a woman’s sacrifice and appreciate that sacrifice.

Do Nguyen Hai Yen: Ms. Hanh Thuy, if in family life we always carry an eraser, are we compromising?

Hanh Thuy: When two people are in love, everything will be different from when they enter married life.

Must use reason to consider what is necessary and what is not?

Accept to give way but do not lose yourself

Do Nguyen Hai Yen: When looking at a woman in a management position, people often think they are people who are used to leading, are used to managing, in love, they are probably the same – always proactively trying to get `the better part`.

If I love with ego, it will probably be difficult for me to find a happy family.

Of course, that retreat is only within a certain limit, as long as both people still respect each other.

I do these things not for myself, for the person themselves, but “for us”, for the love between two people.

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