Feng shui 2014 for single ladies

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Feng shui 2014 for single ladies 0
Feng shui 2014 for single ladies 0

Feng shui 2014 for single ladies


To have a couple, you must have the feeling of `love` in the right place and at the right time.

Lovers don’t have to be attractive.


Today psychology suggests that red, pink and certain fragrances can create sexual attraction.

The important thing is that you must have a strong desire to be loved and that feeling must appear at the right time, at the right time.

Your living space reflects it all.

There are many methods to promote love, one of the most popular ways is to stimulate the energy in the Southwest corner, the Marriage corner according to the bagua map.


First, you should place a statue of a couple in the southwest direction in your house to stimulate love and marriage, then apply the following tips.

1. Add pink color to the hallway

The hallway at the entrance is the first place you set foot when communicating with the outside world as well as when returning to your own universe.

Standing from inside the house looking towards the gate, the left wall represents men and the right wall represents women.

– Men who want to find a lover can hang a picture of red/pink flowers or a picture of a woman on the left wall and your own photo on the right wall.

– For girls who want to find a lover, hang a picture of red/pink flowers or a photo of a man on the right wall and a photo of yourself on the left wall.

If your home space is large enough, displaying real flowers and placing male or female statues on the wall will be more effective than hanging pictures.

If you want the love of everyone in the house to be better, you should pave the floor with stone tiles such as marble, granite… and paint the walls pink or with flower-shaped wallpaper.

2. Sleep in the Peach Blossom position

Feng shui 2014 for single ladies

Looking at the Bagua map above, pay attention to the numbers marked in purple.

For example, if your door faces West, the back of your house will face East.

Sleeping or sitting in the Southeast direction, the Peach Blossom position in the house will stimulate the feeling of love in you, and also the above optimistic personalities to create good vibrations with everyone around you.

Another example, if the back of your house faces North and is number 7, then the flower position will be South/number 3.

*Note in 2014:

In case the back of your house faces the southwest direction/number 1, the position to dig flowers will be northwest/number 9. You should not sleep in this direction because this year the two bad stars Ngu Hoang and Tam Sat are also located.

If you are born in the year of the Horse or Rat and the back of the house faces North/number 7, the peach blossom position will be in the South/number 3. You should not sleep in this position because Thai Tue is also in the South, especially

3. Relax with flower petals

If you feel sad and disappointed because there is no love or no guy loves you, you can apply the following tip: Cleanse your body by taking a bath (soaking a bath or shower) with red or pink flower petals in

4. Keep the fire of love alive

A very effective Feng Shui method to keep a strong relationship or marriage: Women should use the sofa more like watching TV or chatting with him on the sofa,  and men should eat meals

With the above Feng Shui methods, I hope you will soon find a suitable place for you.

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