Make your own simple hair mask at home

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Make your own simple hair mask at home 0
Make your own simple hair mask at home 0

Make your own simple hair mask at home

1. Coconut oil + Honey

Coconut oil has long been a `miracle drug` for hair because of its ability to nourish and restore healthy shine to hair, while also helping hair grow longer.

Make your own simple hair mask at home

Coconut oil and honey help moisturize and make hair grow faster


+ 3 teaspoons of honey

+ 3-6 teaspoons of coconut oil (depending on the thickness of your hair, adjust the appropriate amount of coconut oil)


If the coconut oil  is stored in the refrigerator and solidifies, you need to heat it so it melts into a liquid form, let it cool and use it.

Mix coconut oil and honey and apply it to your hair.

Incubate hair for 15 minutes then wash with regular shampoo and conditioner.

If your hair is a bit greasy after the first wash, don’t worry, after the next wash your hair will return to normal.

2. Egg yolk + olive oil

Eggs are a rich source of protein that is very good for hair.

Make your own simple hair mask at home

Eggs provide protein to help hair recover and become stronger


+ 2 egg yolks

+ 6 teaspoons olive oil


Mix well and add a little water.

Apply the mixture to your hair and massage your scalp so that the nutrients penetrate deeply

Incubate your hair for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.

3. Grapefruit essential oil

It is no stranger to the nourishing and hair growth stimulating effects of grapefruit essential oil.

Make your own simple hair mask at home

Grapefruit essential oil helps keep the scalp healthy and stimulates thicker hair growth


+ 2 teaspoons of grapefruit essential oil (make it yourself at home or buy it from reputable establishments)

+ 30ml water

+ Spray bottle


Put grapefruit essential oil and water in a spray bottle and shake well.

Wash your hair clean and then use a towel to dry your hair

Divide your hair into two parts and use a spray bottle to spray diluted grapefruit essential oil directly onto the scalp.

Use your fingers to massage until the mixture is completely absorbed into the scalp and spray again a second time.

Incubate your hair for 30 minutes then wash it with regular shampoo.

For these hair mask mixtures, you should do it at least twice a week to feel the positive changes that natural ingredients bring to your hair.

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