The world of original perfumes

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The world of original perfumes 2
The world of original perfumes 2

I crossed my legs on the carpet, breathed deeply, and waited calmly.

Afternoons making soap in the sunlit kitchen on the second floor of a windy Saigon River apartment six years ago, I found myself lounging in front of bottles of essential oils, letting them freely fragrant in the wind and sunshine, trying to visualize

Flowers by Kenzo

Talented perfumers in the world of perfume are those who see those essences, pull them out, push them together, mold them with experience, with love, with hope, and many times just

There’s nothing like dotted harmony to add a little sweetness.

But sometimes, just sometimes, a very basic and primitive scent suddenly touches us, startling and bewildering us with its thorniness, as if we were pushed into a naked truth that we had long forgotten.

The world of original perfumes

Miss Dior

The world of original perfumes

Live in love, Oscar De La Renta

Most likely, Santal 33 or Rose 31 is so famous because Le Labo dares to throw away all the clothes, rules, and sparkling auras of traditional perfumes.

The world of original perfumes

Santal 33, Le Labo

Just like me right now, cross-legged on the carpet, breathing deeply the pure but sharp tea tree smoke, ready to give up the layers and layers of emotions life has built up to just look at myself.

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