Behind the expensive name Rolex (Part 1)

Behind the expensive name Rolex (Part 1) 0
Behind the expensive name Rolex (Part 1) 0

Rolex crown symbol

The Rolex brand is a universe unto itself: a place where respect, admiration, value, and reputation gather.

It took people more than a decade to truly appreciate the value of the Rolex brand.

It is very difficult to get admission to visit this luxury watch factory, and once approved by senior leaders, strangers are not allowed to take pictures inside their headquarters.

1. To have beautiful watches, Rolex uses a type of steel that is extremely expensive and difficult to manufacture

Behind the expensive name Rolex (Part 1)

904L steel

Not all stainless steels are the same, they also include many types, many grades… most watch steel is 316L stainless steel.

A natural question is why no other watch company uses this type of steel?

2. Rolex owns a separate research department

Behind the expensive name Rolex (Part 1)

Rolex research and product development department

No one will be surprised to learn that Rolex has an in-house Research and Development department.

As stunning as the scale of these labs is, they are also so diverse.

Rolex also has rooms full of electron microscopes and spectrometers to closely observe metals and other materials to determine the effectiveness of machining techniques.

3. Every detail of a Rolex watch is assembled and inspected by hand

Behind the expensive name Rolex (Part 1)

Assembly of components entirely by hand

One of the most serious misconceptions about Rolex is that its watches are produced entirely by machines.

Of course Rolex also uses machines in the manufacturing process.

To say Rolex is obsessed with quality control is an understatement!

4. An internal gold casting furnace for Rolex watches

Behind the expensive name Rolex (Part 1)

Gold is produced by Rolex itself

Rolex produces its own gold!

Furnaces under high flames are used to melt and mix metals that then become watches or bracelets.

5. Technology is your best friend

Behind the expensive name Rolex (Part 1)

Technology helps Rolex a lot but cannot replace skilled workers

Rolex’s philosophy seems very pragmatic: “If people do it well, let people do it;

At the heart of Rolex’s automation capabilities is supply control.

Behind the expensive name Rolex (Part 1)

The technician will receive components from the robot.

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