Fashion ambitions of beautiful woman Tamara Mellon

Fashion ambitions of beautiful woman Tamara Mellon 0
Fashion ambitions of beautiful woman Tamara Mellon 0

Jimmy Choo’s rapid growth has brought a lot of fame and fortune to Tamara Mellon.

Tamara Mellon is not only beautiful, she also has an extraordinary business mind.

After leaving the chair of president at Jimmy Choo, Tamara Mellon developed her own high-end fashion brand, officially challenging herself from an accessories and jewelry designer to a high-class fashion designer.

Good price

Tamara Mellon realized that no matter how much the `pious followers` of fashion respect and love high-end products, they are still hesitant to spend several thousand dollars on a dress, for example.

Products are produced and sold in season

Tamara Mellon said her brand’s slogan is very simple: `Buy now, wear now`.

Promote E-commerce potential

While other brands often do not pay much attention to revenue from online sales, Tamara attaches great importance to online sales channels.

Personalize products to customers

Understanding customer psychology, Tamara is very interested in `individualism`, her shoe collection called `Sweet Revenge` (personalized leather boots designed like leggings) has brought success.

Truly own the company

“The magic number is 51% – never let your control slip out of your hands” – Mellon shares about his business experience.

In Tamara Mellon’s book `In My Shoes`, she recounts her experiences and life story while working in the fashion business.

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