Mr. Trump `worked hard` because of the three crises in East Asia

Mr. Trump `worked hard` because of the three crises in East Asia 1
Mr. Trump `worked hard` because of the three crises in East Asia 1

After 2 and a half years in power, President Trump is facing serious instability in East Asia.

US President Donald Trump once had a headache trying to find a way to solve two major challenges in East Asia: the North Korean nuclear program and China’s trade policy, but after 2 and a half years in office, he is facing

US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

North Korea has resumed short-range missile tests, conducting four consecutive missile launches in less than two weeks.

Mr. Michael Green, former Asia policy advisor at the White House under President George W. Bush, said: `Those are big problems.

Aides at the White House said that President Trump and his staff have been actively involved in managing hot spots and reassuring allies in East Asia.

Challenge from North Korea

North Korea has conducted missile tests four times in the past two weeks.

According to Bloomberg, short-range missile tests show that North Korea is making the technological progress necessary to deploy a sophisticated, highly mobile weapon that is difficult to track and can even be detected.

However, President Trump still claims he is not worried.

But observers say that the White House’s strategy on the North Korea issue always has potential risks and is increasingly worrying when Mr. Kim Jong Un intends to force President Trump to make concessions.

“President Trump was very pleased to talk about leader Kim Jong Un refraining from conducting such tests and affirmed that his foreign policy was very successful.

To reassure allies’ concerns about policy toward North Korea, during a visit to Tokyo on August 6, Secretary Mark T. Esper affirmed to the press: Despite North Korea’s missile tests,

The Japan-Korea conflict is not easy to resolve

While the situation on the Korean Peninsula has not cooled down, President Trump faces another difficulty, the conflict between two close allies in East Asia.

On August 2, the Japanese government officially decided to remove Korea from the `white list` of 27 countries with preferential trade.

President Trump’s interest in resolving tensions between the two allies is considered by many to be too late.

Behind the scenes, Trump administration officials blamed Moon Jae-in for reneging on an agreement reached in 2015 with the support of former President Obama’s administration to resolve the issues.

Trade war with China

President Trump has fractured relations with allies and partners when launching a trade war with China.

Mr. Richard Fontaine, President of the Center for a New American Security, said: `Countries in the region want to see active US participation, but they do not want to be caught up in a full-blown war between the US and China.`

Mr. Danny Russell, senior official in charge of Asia policy under President Obama, said that there are currently many challenges that President Trump faces before the 2020 US election. According to him, Trump’s approach is

According to Hong Anh

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