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Simplicity becomes poetry – Nicky Khanh Ngoc blog 0
Simplicity becomes poetry – Nicky Khanh Ngoc blog 0

One of the abilities that I have always craved is: being able to write poetry.

Ngan’s six bowls

Reading both `I have to live like that summer`, the first poetry collection or `How strange, this pain`, Thien Ngan’s latest book, we can clearly see what makes this author different, which is the ability to

Making six bowls is not easy.

Because Ngan’s Luc Bat poetry is as natural and effortless as it sounds, many young readers will understand that Luc Bat is not just in textbooks.

Post poems as status

Another characteristic of Nguyen Thien Ngan’s poetry is that her poetry is often quoted by readers of all ages and posted on Facebook’s status section.

She is also a young person who works for a foreign company, also lives and sleeps with social networks, also loves to play, loves to travel, also loves, is also broken and bored with life due to lovelessness.

Anyone who loves Kim Dung is certainly no stranger to the theory: `The pinnacle of swordsmanship is swordlessness.`

“I love you alone

Sometimes I thought it was over

But not yet”

Yes, that’s all it takes to make poetry, it’s good.

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