Vietnamese theater movies summer 2016

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Vietnamese theater movies summer 2016 3
Vietnamese theater movies summer 2016 3

Crazy fan – Director Charlie Nguyen (July 15)

The reunion of the `billionaire` trio Charlie Nguyen – Johnny Tri Nguyen – Thai Hoa has been eagerly awaited by many fans since the project’s inception.

The Vietnamese movie `Crazy Fan` revolves around a famous rock singer named Gia Nghi (Johnny Tri Nguyen) who is pursued by a crazy fan named Thai (Thai Hoa).

Blood Mask – Director Do Thanh An (June 24)

Belonging to the genre of horror and psychological films, the Vietnamese theater film Blood Mask was cherished by director Do Thanh An for two years.

The film revolves around the love affair of three characters played by Duong Cam Lynh, Nguyen Phi Hung and Tinna Tinh.

Vietnamese theater movies summer 2016

Tam Cam: The Untold Story – Director Ngo Thanh Van (August 19)

The debut film marking Ngo Thanh Van’s directorial role, almost became the highlight of the 2016 Summer movie season when the short teaser in less than 24 hours attracted nearly 100,000 views on Youtube channel alone and many comments.

Filming began in September 2015, the Vietnamese theater film Tam Cam: The Untold Story is inspired by the fairy tale Tam Cam familiar to Vietnamese audiences.

To bring the fantasy fairy world to viewers, Ngo Thanh Van also used CGI image technology in nearly 70% of the special effects scenes.

Vietnamese theater movies summer 2016

Da Co Hoai Lang – Director Nguyen Quang Dung (October)

Tu Lanh and Nam Sang are two soul mates who spent their youth together in the Vietnamese countryside, pursuing the same girl.

Sharing the pressure of adapting a play that is so famous and familiar to many generations of audiences, Nguyen Quang Dung confided: `Almost the entire play has only one act, highly conventional.

The film has the participation of artists: Hoai Linh, Chi Tai, Will 365, Dinh Hieu,… with the scene mainly filmed in Canada.

Vietnamese theater movies summer 2016


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