[365 Beauty Tips] Healthy and beautiful from the office

[365 Beauty Tips] Healthy and beautiful from the office 14
[365 Beauty Tips] Healthy and beautiful from the office 14

1. Perform physical exercises on the spot

Spinal training:

– Always sit with your back straight, this position helps keep your stomach flat, keep your spine straight and maintain a reasonable distance between your eyes and the computer screen.

– When sitting in a work chair, take advantage of a few minutes of rest in between to relax your `tendons` by bending your chest close to your knees, hands reaching to touch the tips of your feet.

Collective stomach:

– Lean lightly on the back of the chair, lift your legs off the floor and straighten them at a 45-degree angle to the floor, then bend your legs toward your chest and then bounce back to the original position.

– Exhale completely, contract your abdomen as tightly as possible, hold for 5-8 seconds to feel your abdominal muscles pressing against your spine;

Thigh exercise: From a sitting position, lift one leg and lower it, do 5 minutes for each leg.

2. Maintain good health habits

– Limit taking the elevator, try to take the stairs as much as possible.

Walk to a colleague’s desk to discuss work instead of emailing or picking up the phone.

– When waiting for the elevator or waiting for documents to be printed, exercise your abdominal muscles by tensing them and then gently exhaling to relax the muscles.

– Use your drinking time to walk back and forth to relax.

Find something to rest your feet on that will be good for your feet.

3. Eat and drink to have beautiful skin

– Always keep a bottle of water right in front of you to always remember to drink water regularly.

– The best caffeinated drinks are green tea, black tea, and black coffee – all unsweetened.

– You can drink tea and coffee 1-2 small cups a day, and before 3pm if you don’t want them to affect your sleep.


– Eating a cup of yogurt every day is beneficial for the digestive system, restores and regenerates the skin, helping the skin stay bright and smooth.

– 3-hour snacking rule: Studies show that snacking on nutritious foods will help reduce overeating at main meals and snacking all day due to work stress.

[365 Beauty Tips] Healthy and beautiful from the office

4. Facial care at work

Prevent acne:

– You should use oil-absorbing paper regularly so that sebum does not have the opportunity to accumulate on the skin, causing acne.

– During your lunch break, you should wash your face with facial cleanser to relax your skin and unclog pores.

– Every few hours, spray mineral water on your face to help cool your skin, reduce oil secretion and absorb radiation from the computer screen.

Moisturize: A quick, inexpensive way to moisturize that can be done regularly at the office is to apply a Lotion mask.

– Ingredients: Paper mask (You can find it at supermarkets) + Which moisturizer/Lotion/Serum are you using + purified water.

– How to do: Dip the paper mask in water, wring it out slightly, then apply cream/Lotion/Serum onto the mask.

[365 Beauty Tips] Healthy and beautiful from the office

5. Skin whitening right at the office

The office environment has many factors that cause skin darkening that you do not expect: radiation from computers, sunlight from windows, glass doors, scorching sunlight when you go to lunch or go out unexpectedly,

Therefore, you should keep a tube of skin whitening serum and sunscreen in your office for daily use.

[365 Beauty Tips] Healthy and beautiful from the office

Suggested product: New Vaseline serum SPF 30 PA++ body lotion, helps whiten and protect 30 times more from the sun

6. Simple massage helps relax muscles and firm skin

Foot massage:

– Use your hands to press on the soles of your feet, rotate your ankle joints regularly to create a comfortable feeling.

– Slightly stretch your legs out so that they are comfortable.

– Lightly stretch your knees and turn your feet outward to create a comfortable position.

– Use 2 hands to gently stroke along the leg from below the ankle to the top.

Facial massage: Pour 6-7 drops of essential oil (choose according to your preference) into the palm of your hand and massage into your palm.

[365 Beauty Tips] Healthy and beautiful from the office

7. Useful items on the desk

– Placing a mini humidifier on your desk will help keep your skin smooth and supple.

– You can place a cactus next to your computer, which is very effective in absorbing radiation, reducing the impact on the body.

– A bottle of essential oil diffuser on your desk brings many useful uses such as:

Rose essential oil: soothes, relaxes, fights depression and prevents wrinkles.

Tea tree essential oil: antiseptic, anesthetic.

Sandalwood essential oil: soothes, anti-aging and supports the heart.

Vanilla essential oil: gives a pleasant, soothing, stimulating scent.

Lemongrass essential oil: Relaxes, reduces fatigue, relieves pain, supports digestion.

Lavender essential oil: Reduces pain, soothes, relaxes, brings a feeling of refreshment, relieves muscle pain, headaches, stress…

Bergamot essential oil: soothes, softens skin, balances skin condition…

[365 Beauty Tips] Healthy and beautiful from the office

Essential oil diffuser for aroma

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