5 things you should stop doing to your skin immediately

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5 things you should stop doing to your skin immediately 0
5 things you should stop doing to your skin immediately 0

1. Use a cleanser with high degreasing properties

Many girls think that when they have acne, it’s best to use a foaming cleanser with deep cleansing active ingredients.

Ideally, when choosing a facial cleanser, you should use milky texture cleansers, extracted from natural ingredients, to help balance skin moisture, prevent oxidation and prevent skin aging.

2. Use skin care products contained in glass jars

Did you know that antioxidants quickly lose their effectiveness after direct exposure to air and light?

3. Apply moisturizer in a downward direction

Sagging facial skin is an inevitable cause of the aging process.

To fix this problem, you should start applying cream on the chin from the center in a spiral direction, then expand to the sides, then gradually up to the forehead.

4. Using too many cosmetics at the same time

Do you think applying multiple cosmetics with the same properties at the same time will help enhance their effectiveness?

Therefore, skin care experts recommend that we only use one anti-aging cream at a time to accurately test its effectiveness.

5. Not paying much attention to the ingredients of skin cream

Many skin care cosmetics contain chemicals that can harm your skin and health if used long term.

– Sodium lauryl sulfate: Foaming agent, found in shampoos, facial cleansers… can cause irritation, redness of the skin, and damage to the cornea.

– Paraben: Often known by many different names on labels such as methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben.

– Triethanolamine (Tea)/Diethanolamine (Dea): Found in many shampoos, conditioners, skin creams, body lotions… harmful to the eyes, and causes the skin and hair to gradually lose moisture.

– Hydroquinone: Also known by other names such as monobenzyl, monomethyl.

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