[ELLE Voice] “Men with experience?

[ELLE Voice] “Men with experience? 3
[ELLE Voice] “Men with experience? 3

Having experienced a broken marriage, Ms. Do Hong Minh, currently working as Director of Communications and Marketing for a group investing in tourism services and hotel business, shared very frankly with ELLE.

Perfection is a relative concept, but if you were to give the standards of a perfect man, what is it in your opinion?

A person who lives mindfully, is responsible for himself and his family, respects and loves his partner, knows when to stop before temptations, is humorous and optimistic, dares to do and is delicate in married life.

There are many types of men such as children who never grow up, playboy men, patriarchal men, mature men.

In my life, I have met a person who has all the first three characteristics, which is a pity.

I have to say I was quite shocked, followed by pain, after the pain came acceptance and then finally contempt.

[ELLE Voice] “Men with experience?

Tips for living

Things about married life should not be shared with friends

[ELLE Voice] “Men with experience?

What kind of men do you like to be friends with, and what kind of man do you like to live with?

I like to be friends with people who are funny, optimistic, masculine and gallant.

Are `experienced men` better for women?

Experience has many concepts: in sex, in life, in marriage… In general, it’s good if you don’t deviate, don’t get too carried away with anything and know how to apply that experience in real life.

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