Ta Thuy Chi – The ringed bird often dances

Ta Thuy Chi - The ringed bird often dances 1
Ta Thuy Chi - The ringed bird often dances 1

Writing about a talent loved and admired by many people like Ta Thuy Chi is not an easy job as the writer imagined.

Even though we are disadvantaged, we still want to be honest

We often think that artists on stage and in real life are different.

When working, Chi listens to the other person and clearly states what she wants to find the best direction for both of them.

Exaggerating and exaggerating is a common thing in the district for many people, especially when it is necessary to attract public attention.

Simple happiness

In the family, the youngest daughter of two artists – people’s teachers is always the nucleus of all laughter, funny stories, and even mischievous pranks.

Chi often jokingly says: My family has two `sides`, the men play music, the women dance.

On Chi’s artistic path, she always has her family by her side.

Also here, every morning, her daughter is woken up by the sound of her father’s guitar, a sound that makes Chi never forget without tears when going to school.

Now, Chi is focusing on sharing knowledge and experience with the next generation as a lecturer, and preparing for programs filled with creativity and talent on stage.

Ta Thuy Chi - The ringed bird often dances

Ta Thuy Chi left her family to study dance in China when she was 12 years old.

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