The benefits of dancing Salsa

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The benefits of dancing Salsa 0
The benefits of dancing Salsa 0

If you have ever met a genuine salsa `player` at a Salsa Party, you will easily recognize them when they move on the dance floor in sexy high heels or in dusty flip-flops or ballet flats.

The only thing you need is to relax your body, immerse yourself in the mesmerizing salsa music and be yourself.

Awaken the seductive instinct of women

Salsa is a combination of dances originating from the Caribbean, Latin and North America, with African influences in both dance and music.

You will have to learn how to combine perfectly to understand the meaning of your dance partner while still moving to each beat of the music.

Follow your passion and love of life

When energy is released to the point of exhaustion with salsa, your soul becomes light.

It seems that the energy source burned in salsa has been recreated, replaced by a new source of energy, much fresher and stronger.

That energy breathes boundless passion into your life.

The benefits of salsa dancing

When dancing, the movements of shaking the hips, shoulders, spinning, creating waves for the body along with the continuous movement of the legs and arms in a 3 – 5 minute piece of music help the body stay strong, supple and attractive.

Salsa dancing is very good for the heart and especially the ability to maintain balance because when dancing salsa you have to use a lot of rotational movements.

Salsa also brings a refreshing and optimistic spirit.

Salsa is a friendly social dance, so it will bring you many friends who share the same passion.

Where to learn Salsa?


ODC Club, No. 1 Giang Van Minh

HYEC Club, Hanoi Youth Cultural and Sports Palace, No. 1 Tang Bat Ho

NEW DANCES Club, No. 65 Quan Su, Hoan Kiem District S-FIRE Studio, No. 5 Ngo Gach, Hoan Kiem District

Latin42 Studio, Thai Thinh Secondary School, Dong Da District

Ho Chi Minh City

La SalsaClub, 212 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 3

XSalsa, 94 – 96 Street 2, Do Thanh Residential Area, Ward 4, District 3

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