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What can I do ? 0
What can I do ? 0

Q1 I don’t like having children because I find children a bit annoying, specifically the situation of girls around me, without any personal freedom at all.

(Thanh Ngoc – Accountant)

A1 In terms of biological age, you are certainly not young.

It is very possible that people with progressive views, those who promote the right to be human/the right to refuse to be human, will condemn my advice. They will say, we cannot give birth to children just for ourselves.

But my friend, God born you a woman, gave you the `tools` to be a mother, you must use them, if your physical, psychological, and genetic conditions are all right.

Decide quickly!

Q2 Almost all of my friends around me are divorced.

(Thuy Nhung – 32 years old, teacher)

A2 I think you haven’t studied the law carefully.

No woman is tired of having children because she thinks about leaving her husband and having to raise the children alone and is afraid of not having child support.

Q3 I think in 10 years all Vietnamese men will be left alone because Vietnamese women are so bored with men here.

(Hoai Linh – Designer, 40 years old)

A3 Well, I don’t know anymore because I’m thinking, if all Vietnamese women criticize Vietnamese men, then which men will be enough to marry Vietnamese women?

It must be admitted that the environment around Vietnamese men is not clean, with many temptations and indulgences that spoil their character.

But what can I do… I can’t give up the advice to marry a Westerner.


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