Hoang Quyen – Small drops of colorful ink

Hoang Quyen – Small drops of colorful ink 0
Hoang Quyen – Small drops of colorful ink 0

Visiting Tiny fashion shop with hand-painted oil-painted dresses, we feel that vibrant Saigon seems to have disappeared behind the wooden frame door.

Tiny Ink, does it sound `tiny` too small?

In fact, I come from that small place.

Where did Quyen get the idea to build a brand specializing in hand-painted fashion?

This idea came randomly from a time when I bought shoes and watched the workers splash paint into patterns for those shoes.

I have learned more deeply about drawing patterns on fashion products, from the traditional style of painting ao dai to the trend of using acrylic colors on t-shirts for teenagers, to even the way of doing it.

Does this mean that oil paint is a completely user-friendly material?

This is also one of the issues most customers ask when they first use the product.

So are there any difficulties in painting oil on fashion products?

Actually, it was quite difficult for me and the team of artists who have been with Tiny Ink since the early days to test this method.

Can Quyen share the process of creating a product?

To create a Tiny Ink product, it is necessary to go through basic steps such as designing and sewing the product, then the important step is coming up with ideas for designs and drawing.

So for customers, will there be a different “Tiny Ink”?

That’s right, none of our products here are exactly the same.

Thank you Hoang Quyen for sharing with ELLE.

The works that have become images of Tiny Ink:

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