Intense layers of fragrance

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Intense layers of fragrance 0
Intense layers of fragrance 0

The secret to mixing scent layers is not to mix two perfume scents, but to choose shower gel and body lotion scents that coordinate with the perfume to keep the scent lasting longer.

1. Choose a perfume with a simple scent

Perfume with one note or just two notes is ideal for blending scents.

Intense layers of fragrance

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Note: Absolutely avoid mixing scents when you use unique perfumes with complex scent notes like Chanel No.5.

2. Understand the scent family

When choosing shower gel, body lotion, or deodorant to coordinate with perfume scent: they must have the same scent line.

3. Body lotion helps change the scent tone

In the summer, people like to use cool, refreshing scents, but in the fall – winter when the weather gets cold, passionate, seductive scents are more appropriate.

Intense layers of fragrance

4. Shower gel is the `base layer` that complements perfume

If using perfume is considered makeup for the body, then shower gel is the foundation, helping to maximize the `beauty` and scent durability of the perfume.

5. Maintain skin moisture

The more moisturized your skin is, the longer the scent will linger.

6. Add fragrance to your hair

Fragrant, shiny hair can make a special impression and captivate any man.

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